BIOPSY DIGIT SL and SMART FINDER are the dedicated motorized needle positioner for percutaneous image-guided breast biopsy to be used with the mammography units by IMS GIOTTO.
When these systems are installed on the mammography unit, RAFFAELLO software provides a dedicated interface for the review of the acquired images, the identification of the biopsy target and its coordinates calculation, as well as the movement control of the needle guidance system.

BIOPSY DIGIT SL can only be used with GIOTTO IMAGE 3DL and only in stereotactic modality.

SMART FINDER can only be used with GIOTTO CLASS and with any imaging modality available on the mammography unit.

Biopsy in any patient position

Add-on biopsy guidance systems to be used in upright position or lateral decubitus have the main advantage to benefit from the same imaging performance of the mammography unit to which they are installed.
On the other hand, prone position is usually preferable because it is known to help minimize vasovagal reactions*.
However, they usually require a dedicated system, separate from the mammography unit.
IMS Giotto systems are the only ones which allow the customer to take advantage of all the benefits above: in a few seconds the mammography unit can be easily converted into a dedicated prone biopsy system, using the dedicated patient tables MAMMOBED or FLEXITABLE.
Together with the tilting feature, the gantry can also rotate while in horizontal position, allowing it to compress the patient even in ML, LM and MLO projections to perform biopsies in any position.

MAMMOBED is part of Giotto IMAGE Prone Biopsy System.

FLEXITABLE is part of Giotto CLASS Prone Biopsy System.

* Bick U, Trimboli RM, Athanasiou A, et al (2020) Image-guided breast biopsy and localisation: recommendations for information to women and referring physicians by the European Society of Breast Imaging. Insights Imaging 11.

Almost 360° breast access

The ergonomic system design and the variety of patient positioning, combined with a plurality of accessories, allow almost 360° lesion access.


  • Different approaches available: vertical, 6° inclination towards the chest wall or lateral support for needle adapter;
  • Breast spacer, for deep lesions in vertical access or thin breasts in lateral access;
  • Paddle with no window for lateral access.


  • Shifting paddle** for simplified breast positioning;
  • 6° inclination towards the chest wall;
  • +/-90° rotation of needle slider in left/right direction;
    Interpolated movement IN/OUT along the needle direction according to slider rotation;
  • Lateral access kit, for a better approach to lesions even in very thin breasts (shifting paddle** with no window, needle spacer and breast spacer).

**Please verify availability in your country

Acquisition modalities

When the needle positioner is installed on the system, any imaging modality available on the mammography unit may be also used for image-guided biopsy***. All available imaging modalities can be combined during the same examination.


  • Stereotactic-guided biopsy:

Both classic stereotactic target mode or “target on scout” mode are possible.


The scout view is significantly larger than the biopsy field of view for an improved “scouting” procedure.

  • Tomosynthesis guided biopsy:

Scout DBT image can be immediately used for target with no additional acquisitions. Planned needle path will be displayed on the anatomy of the reconstructed image after the selection of target and needle model, for a prevention of interference with scars, markers, and priors (or subsequent) additional targets.

***Purchase of additional software license could be required

Dedicated user-interface

All user-interfaces dedicated to interventional procedures of the breast feature:

  • Virtual Needle Positioner: intuitive representation of the needle position for the planned target;
  • Needle Manager: easy and configurable.


  • dedicated remote control for clear operation and visualization of needle position.


  • AWS on wheels, when the X-ray pedal is also installed, allows the adjustment of the position for biopsy procedure so to have the image display on the patient side, while safely performing the exposure on the other side;
  • Advanced Needle Simulator: visualization of all the needle approaches (vertical, tilted, lateral) compatible with the planned target. When a tomo-guided biopsy is being performed, the needle path through the anatomy is also simulated on the reconstructed image;
  • Biopsy control from both the AWS and the lateral displays of the system. Interpolated movement IN/OUT along the needle direction according to slider rotation, in addition to “traditional” cartesian movements.
    Integrated control for SMART CHECKER.


All interventional systems are compatible with optional dedicated holders and needle guides that make them compatible with all VABB and Core Needle devices on the market.

The SMART FINDER is compatible with several optional accessories, to get even more comfort and easiness to biopsy procedures:

  • SMART CHECKER to x-ray biopsy samples without any decompression, available for all the approaches and all the biopsy devices;
  • Disposable protective drapes for both SMART FINDER and FLEXITABLE are available to prevent any damage due to blood and other fluids.