General Overview

The vendor-neutral versatile Digital Mammography Retrofit Solution for screen-film units powered by RAFFAELLO Software.

Optimal image resolution

Powered by Raffaello

Patient management

DICOM and IHE compliance

Optimize IMS analogic unit

Optimal Image Resolution

High resolution images thanks to 76 micron pixel size detectors to ensure the visibility of tiny structures.

Powered by RAFFAELLO

Same benefits of all Giotto digital products, such as intuitive user interface and optimal image algorithms.

Patient management

DICOM Worklist and multimodality auto-fetch minimize operators input errors and optimize the workflow, offering a better study of the patient case before the exam execution.

DICOM and IHE compliance

RAFFAELLO Plus is DICOM compliant:

  • DICOM Query/Retrieve;
  • DICOM Storage Commitment;
  • Creation and visualization of Radiation Dose Structured Report;
  • Creation and visualization of Grayscale Softcopy Presentation State (GSPS).

DICOM print and DVD burn with DICOM Viewer enable the possibility to generate a copy of the exam for the patient directly from the acquisition workstation.
The IHE compliance is available for several profiles/actors and Connectathon tested.

Optimize IMS analogic unit

Additional features on RAFFAELLO Plus can be enabled by the communication with GIOTTO IMAGE M:

  • No “tricks” required to disable the cassette removal after each exposure;
  • Mechanical kit for detector stabilization and cable guides;
  • AEC optimization for maximum image quality with minimum dose;
  • Automatic retrieval of exposure data from the screen film unit;
  • Prevention of unintended x-ray emissions.

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