General Overview

The IMS GIOTTO REVIEW WORKSTATIONS (RWS) powered by RAFFAELLO SOFTWARE ensures the reading of mammography images from all major manufacturers, as well as other breast imaging modalities such as US and MRI for a comprehensive diagnostic review.

Extremely customizable

DBT tools

CEM tools

Annotation and research tools

Advanced image analytics 

Efficient image distribution

Minimize repetitive tasks

Extremely customizable

Available with a variety of displays, including a 12 MP colored multi-modality monitor, the IMS Giotto RWS offers specific and customized mammographic Hanging Protocols, including multiple prior visualization.
Display layout and image labels are easily adapted to the facility needs.

DBT Tools

RWS provides support for both DBT and CT DICOM SOP Classes as a default.
Breast schema and ruler helps in the orientation through DBT slices, while specific tools, such as Cine-view, scroll and direct click to the desired depth, aid the navigation through the same.
A customizable “slab” visualization is available at request for any image. In addition there’s the possibility to monitor and manage the reconstruction DBT queue.

CEM Tools

CEM Tools offer a clear indication of contrast media and time from the injection on any image.

Annotation and research tools

RWS offers the possibility to manage multiple databases, used for example in clinical trials and for the collection of case reports.
The automatic anonymization options are available and Key Image Notes and annotations can be stored to PACS as GSPS annotations.
RWS provides export tools in order to convert 2D and 3D reconstructions in suitable format, used for publications and presentations.

Advanced Image Analytics

The CAD display is supported for most of the 2D and 3D solutions from third parties.
Retrieval and analysis of the patient dosimetric history for the mammography modality is integrated for a complete review.
A dedicated visualization option for breast density assessment tool is available.

Efficient Image Distribution

The fully compliance with DICOM standard and high IHE integration bring the user to experience high interoperability and connectivity capabilities.
Automatic retrieval of prior studies from PACS can be enabled upon a variety of customizable triggers.
DICOM print and DVD burn with DICOM Viewer (optional) complete the possibilities for image distribution.

Minimize Repetitive Tasks

Among the features designed to minimize the repetitively in the radiologist review activity, the IMS Giotto Review workstation offers:

  • personalized hanging protocols, adaptive to the available images;
  • auto-fetching of prior studies;
  • Intuitive Keypad (optional) for minimal keystrokes.

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