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Electronic Designer 


Over the last 50 years, IMS – part of GMM Group – has invested on R&D, Production and Quality Management, working together with radiologists and radiographers to improve image quality and simplify procedures, with the outcome of the most advanced and unique breast imaging technology. Thanks to this continuous commitment, early detection of breast cancer is now achievable around the world, improving women’s health.

IMS GIOTTO works with exclusive dealers to ensure the distribution of our products in more than 100 countries around the World and it is part of GMM Group, leader in radiology technologies field.


Position – Role required

IMS is looking for an intermediate Junior-Senior profile for the electronic division within the design office.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Use of laboratory equipment: soldering iron, desoldering iron, crimpling pliers for terminals, electrical power and signals contacts;
  • Use of laboratory tools: multimeters, digital oscillospoes, function generators, programmable power supplies, data logger, display CAN networks;
  • Interpretation of circuit diagrams and electronic devices, and of datasheet of electronic components, sensors and actuators; ability to interpret mechanical drawings;
  • Diagnosis and reparation/ re-work of logic electronic circuits and small power in traditional technology (PTH) and surface mount technology (SMT);
  • Manual production of prototypes of electronic circuits and test equipment;
  • Manual production of wiring for test equipment and prototyping devices;
  • Definition and editing of instruction and testing procedures;
  • Definition and editing of wiring diagrams and device prototypes.

Experience and Skills

 Ideal candidate

  • Knowledge of PLC programming (ICE 61131-3 languages: ladder and others), for testing tools;
  • Knowledge of microcontroller programming in C language, for functional testing programs;
  • Knowledge of bus and communication protocols I2C/SPI/EIA232/EIA422/EIA485/CAN/Ethernet.

    We also require:

    • Basic mechanical drawing and usage skills of CAD – Autocad and/or Solidworks;
    • Programming of series microcontrollers Microchip PIC 16xxx e PIC 18Fxxx, Coldfire MCF52xx;
    • Knowledge of the basis of protocol CANopen in CAN networks;
    • Knowledge of the environment LabVIEW;
    • Basic C-language programming skills on STM32 series microcontrollers;
    • Knowledge and experience of programming languages Visual Basic C++;
    • Knowledge and experience of Linux operating system;
    • Previous experiences in medical equipment sector.

    Language skills:

    Written English: full comprehension of technical documentation related to electrical components/ electronics/ mechanics and laboratory equipment.

    Spoken English: ability to obtain and provide information in technical field, including telephone review.

    Other information


    SECTOR: Mammography Equipment Production
    WORKPLACE: Sasso Marconi (BO)  
    DIVISION: Research & Development 
    DEPARTMENT: Mechanical and electromechanical design and production
    PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE: Preferably at least two years of previous experience in the medical sector, but application coming from sector, such as industrial automation, automotive, electronic/mechatronic engineering will be evaluated. 
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    • Contract type and compensation are aligned with the applicant’s profile
    • The job postings are addressed to both genders in accordance with the laws 903/77 and 125/91, and to people of all ages and nationalities in accordance with the legislative decrees 215/03 and 216/03