General Overview

One system to meet all clinical needs: with a simple and quick command, the complete mammography unit GIOTTO CLASS converts into a dedicated prone biopsy system for stereotactic and/or tomo-guided procedures.










Unique tilting movements

GIOTTO CLASS is the only DBT system capable of tilting to the horizontal position to perform X-ray image guided biopsies with the patient in prone position.
This unique feature allows our customers to use one single unit for multiple acquisition modalities, from screening mammography to interventional examinations without any additional device.

Smart Finder

Featuring the fully motorized needle positioner SMART FINDER which is compatible with all VABB and core systems on the market and a high precision simulator software on Raffaello interface, GIOTTO CLASS PRONE BIOPSY SYSTEM is streamlined for efficiency.
Stereotactic and/or tomo-guided exposures are both available for the calculation of lesion coordinates, ensuring an optimal visibility of all lesions.

Excellent image quality

Using the same detector and the same algorithms of routine mammography, clinicians are more confident about image quality and lesion detection.
A wide field of view of 15 x 11 cm, together with a large biopsy window of 7×7 cm allow them to visualize more tissue and localize even faint microcalcifications.

Multiple approach

A rotating needle holder and multiple patient positioning provide almost 360° access to the breast. Vertical, lateral and angled approaches are possible without any additional component and allow to reach even the most challenging lesions.

Tomo-guided biopsies

The simulation software on RAFFAELLO can present the foreseen path of the needle overimposed to the breast anatomy in the DBT images, so that the procedure planning can include an evaluation of the optimal angle for needle entrance.


Prone biopsy procedures are better tolerated by the patient, also from an emotional point of view: the exclusive support FLEXITABLE ensures comfort during the procedures by adapting to different breast sizes and body structures.
FLEXITABLE ensures ergonomy also for radiologists and radiographers helping to finalize each procedure for a non-traumatic experience: high manoeuverability, great vertical run, remote controls and battery operation without power cables.

Smart Checker

Without any decompression and extra dose to the patient, SMART CHECKER is a simple but extremely efficient tool to X-ray tissue samples within a few seconds by using the uncovered active area of the detector. The perfect solution to quickly check specimens at the end of the procedure, saving compression time and investments for additional scanners.
Its unique design allows it to be used in any gantry position, either vertical or horizontal.
Also available is a container specifically designed for compatibility with Mammotome Revolve.

System Features

  • Stereotactic, tomosynthesis or combined image guidance;
  • High position and reading accuracy;
  • Multiple possible approaches, from vertical to both right and left lateral;
  • Fully motorized axis movements and discrete steps for the finest ones;
  • Set of compression paddles according to the approach type;
  • Large scout field of view: 11×15 cm;
  • Easy and fast daily check;
  • Optional protective drapes for both Flexitable and Smart Finder to prevent biological fluids to damage the system;
  • Working lights under the Flexitable (LED, dimmable);
  • Max patient’s weight 200 kg;
  • Specific guides and holders to be compliant with all VABB/CNB vendors;
  • Fully DICOM compliance.

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