GIOTTO CLASS S (40000 series)

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General Overview

Highly versatile digital mammographic system with the latest FFDM and DBT technology, suitable for both screening and diagnostic mammography.
GIOTTO CLASS S offers a wide range of functions, such as conventional 2D mammography, DBT (with synthetic image G-View), stereotactic or tomo-guided biopsies with close to 360° approach and Dual Energy (CEM).
Thanks to the single-column stand the system is very compact, while the increased speed of the gantry’s movement and positioning produce high throughput. The user-friendly Raffaello software interface ensures a seamless workflow and optimal image quality.

Ceramic X-ray tube

Compact system

Tilting movements

Raffaello software

Tomosynthesis (DBT)

Dual energy (CEM)

Image-guided biopsy

Dose reduction

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Ceramic X-ray tube

The special metal-ceramic X-ray tube guarantees continuous heat dissipation for high patient’s throughput and high performance in all acquisition modalities, while assuring lower maintenance practices.
It also features a reduced weight and higher stability to perform a Step&Shoot DBT acquisition to get images with more sharpness and details.

Compact system

Thanks to the single column gantry with embedded generator and the compact dimension of the Acquisition Workstation (AWS), the system can be installed even in small rooms or mobile units.
It features a wider rotation angle and vertical range and faster movements (suitable for a Screening workflow).

Tilting movements

The innovative design of the gantry enables a wide freedom of quick movements in any direction.
The forward tilting movement (up to -10°) allows the positioning of non-collaborative patients (i.e., in wheelchairs), while the backward tilting movement ensures the relaxation of the pectoral muscle which allows to include more breast tissue into the view.


RAFFAELLO, the dedicated management software for breast care, ensures a rapid and easy workflow for each acquisition modality (2D, DBT, CEM and BIOPSY).
The user-interface is easy and intuitive and it is configurable according to the operator’s needs.
Upgrades and activation of additional modules are always one click-away whenever the need of the facility changes.

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Tomosynthesis (DBT)

Step&Shoot acquisition allows exposures while the tube is stationary: the result is an image that is completely devoid of blurring effects and with sharper outlines.
Wide angular range ensures an optimal separation of structures among planes, with optimal resolution of overlapping anatomies.
Thanks to the Iterative Reconstruction Algorithm, dose can be reduced to a minimum while offering images with no binning and high level of detail, allowing the identification of microcalcifications and tiny breast structures. 
A dedicated option for metal-artifact removal increases the readability of images.

Dual Energy (CEM)

Contrast Enhanced Mammography (CEM) can be used to reveal the potential tumour angiogenesis.  It combines the enhancement, followed by the injection of an iodinated contrast agent, with the deletion of the anatomy, given by a dual-energy acquisition and a dedicated subtraction algorithm. 
Thanks to the proprietary image registration algorithm, any artifact from patient movement between low- and high-energy acquisition is suppressed.
Available as a software option for systems already equipped with multiple filtration.

Image-guided biopsy

  • SMART FINDER accessory device enables the execution of image guided biopsy based on any of the imaging modalities available on the system.
    The motorized needle positioner is combined with a high-precision needle simulator software which guides the radiologist to the choice of the best approach to the lesion.
    Up-right position or lateral decubitus position are possible, according to the chosen patient support.
  • SMART CHECKER is an optional container with dedicated support and imaging licence for compatibility with GIOTTO CLASS, which allows the acquisition of images of the tissue cores on the system where the biopsy procedure is ongoing and without the need of breast decompression.

Dose Reduction

Innovative components and cutting-edge image processing software ensure high image quality with the lowest patient dose in all operating conditions.

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