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General Overview

GIOTTO IMAGE M is an analog mammographic unit that can be used with X-ray cassette sizes 18×24 and 24×30 cm or with an add-on digital panel.
Versatile and easy to use, the system is able to meet all user’s requirements.

Patented circular gantry

Control panels 

High configurability

Wide range of movements 

Dose reduction

Patented circular gantry

The unique circular shape allows the additional option of a face-to-face positioning which can make technologist’s work easier and quicker. Conventional positioning is however not impaired by the system shape and therefore possible whenever required.

Control panels

Motorized movements are enabled in a quick and easy way by the operational panels on the gantry and on the inner side of the ring, as well as pedals for controlling system and compressor height.
On the base the system is also equipped with displays showing the more relevant technical parameters, such as compressor height, compression force, rotational and inclination angle.

High configurability

The system can be used with X-ray cassette sizes 24×30 or 18×24 or with add-on digital panel.
A large range of compressor paddles and optional accessories for further projections are available to suit a typical screening workflow.

Wide range of movements

The tilting movement of the gantry requires the patient to lean to this, improving the relaxation of the pectoral muscle and an increase of up to 2 cm in breast tissue included in the field of view*.
Furthermore, the tilting movement in the opposite direction facilitates the positioning of women in a wheelchair.

*M. Calabrese, C. Faedda, D. Brizzi, G. Baio, E. Bertoli, L. Bacigalupo. Mammographic technique: frontal oblique approach versus traditional lateral approach. European Radiology, ECR 2005, Book of Abstracts, Supplement 1 to volume 15, February 2005, scientific session, p. 268.

Dose Reduction

Technologically advanced components ensure optimal image quality with the lowest patient dose in all operating conditions.

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